July Photoshoot July 31 2013, 0 Comments

We were very busy in July, as we also staged our first ever photo shoot. 

A huge amount of preparation went into this; you can see a video version of it here - Karl Taylor Corsetry Shoot

Gorgeous corsets aside, the multi talented lads at Karl Taylor Photography put a lot of work into building the set. Many of the props came from our own collections, or that of friends (and even some friends of friends!)  Every outfit was pre-planned, even down to shoes that didn’t get seen in the final images.  Amanda from Lipstick and Curls (http://www.lipstickandcurls.net/) came to work her magic on the beautiful Emma (from RMG models) helping her to transform into a stunning beauty with a hint of Hollywood glamour.  

It was an amazing experience and a wonderful privilege to watch someone as professional as Karl Taylor working.  He was a great listener and attentive to my requests, which is vital in corsetry shoots as they are quite different to the usual ‘fashion’ shots and angles are very important to the overall look of the final images.  Karl also had a great way of communicating with the model and the rest of the team, keeping a good positive energy and discussing with Emma very effectively what poses worked and why.  

Shooting both collections, the Classics & Autumn/Winter 2013/14 took us two days and we just managed to fit everything in, thanks to careful planning.  What a team!

A few facts

  • Emma had never worn a corset before this shoot.  We think she’s a natural!
  • Amanda makes hairstyling look so easy, I really need to take some of her classes.
  • The fruit in that fruit bowl really did taste as good as it looked.
  • Karl’s new assistant had recently begun working with him, this is one shoot he’s unlikely to forget in a long time.
  • July shoots are hot hot hot!