Chatsworth House Style - Part 2 - Corsets, Christian Dior & the Cavendishes May 25 2019, 0 Comments

I visited Chatsworth 'House Style' exhibition, taking the opportunity to gather together some interesting (and quirky) facts, and photos of luscious antique lace, dresses and embroideries in order to share it with like-minded Ava customers on our blog - here is Part 2, covering the bridal display, stays and corsets from the exhibition...

Chatsworth House Style - Part 1 - Corsets, Christian Dior & the Cavendishes July 08 2018, 0 Comments

After visiting the 'Chatsworth - House Style' exhibition, I've put together a blog post in two parts, to in order to share some of the vintage and antique highlights with you.  Part 1 covers: lace, embroidery and detail from other selected fineries, along with the interesting and romantic history of some famous American women who made Chatsworth their home.