Chatsworth House Style - Part 2 - Corsets, Christian Dior & the Cavendishes May 25 2019, 0 Comments

I visited Chatsworth 'House Style' exhibition, taking the opportunity to gather together some interesting (and quirky) facts, and photos of luscious antique lace, dresses and embroideries in order to share it with like-minded Ava customers on our blog - here is Part 2, covering the bridal display, stays and corsets from the exhibition...

Contour Fashion Graduate Catwalk Show - 2018 July 09 2018, 0 Comments

This blog post gives you an taste of the Contour Graduates' work from the class of 2018, including a round up of what corsets were featured [of course!].  First established in 1947, DeMontfort University’s Contour Fashion Degree course, was originally founded by the Corsetry Guild of Great Britain in order to meet the needs of the industry at that time.  It continues to fulfill that role today and remains a leader and one of the few Degree courses in the world focused solely on Lingerie, Corsetry, Swimwear and Sportswear design.

Chatsworth House Style - Part 1 - Corsets, Christian Dior & the Cavendishes July 08 2018, 0 Comments

After visiting the 'Chatsworth - House Style' exhibition, I've put together a blog post in two parts, to in order to share some of the vintage and antique highlights with you.  Part 1 covers: lace, embroidery and detail from other selected fineries, along with the interesting and romantic history of some famous American women who made Chatsworth their home.

Beyond the Boudoir March 11 2014, 0 Comments

7 easy ways to style your corset for a night out.

So you have a beautiful corset. An amazing corset. And you want everyone to see your incredible waist in it, right, not just keep it for your bedroom?

Well here are just a few ways how! (Please see below for full image credits)

1) Pair it with a classic pencil or wiggle skirt

This look never fails to be chic, yet versatile. A good pencil skirt is a wardrobe classic and so is a black underbust corset. Black skirts will work with either black or coloured corsets, while a coloured skirt is easiest with a black corset. Tartan (plaid) can be especially striking for the cooler months and gives a more daytime hint. This is the perfect opportunity for seamed tights, rather than stockings, as your suspender belt could show under a close fitting skirt. A leg split (seen right) will add that bit of extra sauce to the ensemble.


2) Pair it with a skater, circle or full skirt

Teaming a corset with a full skirt will give an instant 50s bombshell image, especially if the skirt is cotton and boldly printed or lighter in colour. A chiffon or soft silk full skirt can take your corset into perfect black tie/ formal/ wedding attire; an underbust or overbust could be worn this way. A fuller skirt is especially good if you are pear shaped, very curvy or have large hips as the skirt line will skim neatly over your curves and do an amazing job of emphasising just how tiny your waist is.



3) Pair it with a sheer top

If you are like me and own a few too many beautiful bras, a sheer top is the perfect way to take lingerie to outwear whilst keeping it neat and sophisticated. A chiffon pussy bow blouse works very well and the cinched shaping of an underbust corset will compliment the fullness of the fabric beautifully.



4) Pair it with trousers

Wide leg trousers? Skinny trousers? Wet look leggings? The possibilities are endless. Keeping your trousers tailored will add to the ‘evening’ dynamic, or if you want a more edgy look then leggings are perfect. Unless you are planning a white contrast shirt/tailored trouser look then I would recommend an overbust corset in this situation. Just make sure there are no gaps between trouser top and corset bottom!



5) Pair it with jeans

This has never been my style, but it's so popular as a way of glamming up jeans or dressing down your corset. Rihanna is very casual in the below picture – so for the evening, have some nicely fitting jeans, pop an overbust corset on, some dashing heels, perhaps a necklace and you are done. I'd keep the colours dark – I'm not convinced I could pull off white jeans like Rihanna!


6) Pair it with a suit jacket or biker style.

The search for the perfect tailored jacket or biker inspired jacket has been a phenomenon in fashion in the last few years, so I'm betting most of you own at least one. A fitted suit jacket will show off your sculptured waist without drawing too much attention and can neatly take you from the office to an evening out. Your leather jacket will create a more rock and roll image – perhaps with those leggings or skinny jeans options.


7) Pair it with shrugs and boleros

Fluffy shrugs, cropped cardigans, boleros – all are great ways to update a corset. Visually, the wider your shoulders look then the smaller your waist will appear. Practically, they help keep you a touch warmer, cover up any aspect you're not keen on in the bosom or arm area, and if you're attending an event where heaving bosom or bare shoulders aren't appropriate, this is how to get away with your favourite corset anyway!


With special thanks to Gina (Guernsey), Karolina Laskowska (UK) and Mya (Canada)

Danielle x


Image credits:

1) Emma Glover modelling Ava Corsetry Ophelia underbust. Photography by Karl Taylor Photography.

Mya from Canada, wearing Kiss Me Deadly black Tempest corset

2) Karolina Laskowska wearing a Sparklewren overbust corset

Mya from Canada, wearing Kiss Me Deadly black Tempest underbust corset

3) Jess modelling Kiss Me Deadly Blue Deville underbust corset

Chiffon pussy bow blouse, source unknown

4) Rubin Singer corset and trousers

Twilight star Ashely wearing Donna Karen corset

5) Rihanna, corset unknown

6) Various jackets, sources unknown

7) Karolina Laskowska wearing Fairy Goth Mother/ Lulu & Lush corset

July Photoshoot July 31 2013, 0 Comments

We were very busy in July, as we also staged our first ever photo shoot. 

A huge amount of preparation went into this; you can see a video version of it here - Karl Taylor Corsetry Shoot

Gorgeous corsets aside, the multi talented lads at Karl Taylor Photography put a lot of work into building the set. Many of the props came from our own collections, or that of friends (and even some friends of friends!)  Every outfit was pre-planned, even down to shoes that didn’t get seen in the final images.  Amanda from Lipstick and Curls ( came to work her magic on the beautiful Emma (from RMG models) helping her to transform into a stunning beauty with a hint of Hollywood glamour.  

It was an amazing experience and a wonderful privilege to watch someone as professional as Karl Taylor working.  He was a great listener and attentive to my requests, which is vital in corsetry shoots as they are quite different to the usual ‘fashion’ shots and angles are very important to the overall look of the final images.  Karl also had a great way of communicating with the model and the rest of the team, keeping a good positive energy and discussing with Emma very effectively what poses worked and why.  

Shooting both collections, the Classics & Autumn/Winter 2013/14 took us two days and we just managed to fit everything in, thanks to careful planning.  What a team!

A few facts

  • Emma had never worn a corset before this shoot.  We think she’s a natural!
  • Amanda makes hairstyling look so easy, I really need to take some of her classes.
  • The fruit in that fruit bowl really did taste as good as it looked.
  • Karl’s new assistant had recently begun working with him, this is one shoot he’s unlikely to forget in a long time.
  • July shoots are hot hot hot!

Paris Lingerie Show July 12 2013, 0 Comments

5th- 8th July at Porte de Versailles, Paris

Paris is glorious: there is always such a wonderful, chic energy about the city.  I feel instantly compelled to put on a pretty dress and a good pair of heels. 

The annual Mode City trade show is a vast hub of the latest ideas and timeless trends.  The show boasts a great variety of lingerie and swimwear brands from the big guns like Gossard and  Chantelle, complete with their own bars, catwalk shows and models (yes there are many girls walking around in just their underwear!) to the smaller, often far more interesting ‘Indie’ brands, such as Kiss Me Deadly or Fred and Ginger.   A large show like Mode City also features a fabric, trims & components section with exhibitors from all over the world ready to talk to you about the latest in fabric, bra cups, suspender clips or any of the other delights that go into the actual construction of underwear.  There is also a small section for factories who wish to gain new customers and hosiery folk.

This year I was lucky enough to share a stand with the lovely girls from Kiss Me Deadly.  Trade shows can be intimidating and expensive the first few times you do them, so it’s great to be able to share space with a more experienced vendor, have some company and also pick up hints and tips along the way.

There is a real skill in packing enough garments, roll up posters, banners, flyers etc so that you can carry it all onto the Eurostar, but still make enough of an impact when you get to the show.  However, corset companies are relatively rare at these events which made us an exciting novelty for many people.

We had 3 full days of taking orders and talking to buyers and sightseers from all over the world about our products.  Very occasionally there were quiet periods: we used this time to make short videos, which you can see below have a peek at what other companies are doing (being careful to ask before taking photographs!) and eating lovely but expensive salads.

You might be interested to learn that trade shows aren’t just for trade, buyers and press.  Anyone is welcome to visit them, you simply go to the website and purchase a ticket for around €20; it can be a fun day out for any fashion enthusiasts and especially useful for students! Lingerie trade shows are held in Paris every January and July.