Raz (former corset virgin)

My corset is hands-down the most beautiful item of clothing in my wardrobe. It was tailor-made for me, for a very important event in which I knew it was going to be hard to stand out in any way; boy, did it deliver! I love that it makes a tomboy like me feel (and look!) like a proper girl! Knowing the quality of the workmanship that went into it makes it all the more special. It is a stunning item of clothing and I'm absolutely thrilled with it.

Mel Symondson (Cockadoodle Boutique)

Working with Ava Corsetry is a pleasure - I really appreciate the bespoke flexible approach and the attention to detail which enables me to offer customers a beautiful handmade product which becomes an experience for them as much as an item of clothing. 

Jess (Model & Corset Addict)

Having experienced the stiffness and discomfort of generic factory-made corsets, discovering Ava Corsetry has been a blessing. In fact, it's quite literally a breath of fresh air! The corsets are so beautifully made that I found it comfortable to wear a sample size that was a few inches too small for several hours during a recent event. I was later measured for a custom corset and wearing the finished product a few weeks later made me realise just how much unnecessary pain I'd put myself through in ill-fitting, poorly-made corsets all these years. Both of my Ava Corsetry corsets, although slightly different in pattern, fit like gloves and are incredibly sturdy; I was able to wear one comfortably for 10 hours straight without any fabric giving way or an eyelet popping out, even over a not-so-modest lunch.
Ava Corsetry corsets are a revelation!